Why is Social Dance important? – Characteristics Of Social Dance

Social dance gives you a chance to share your joy. You can give others a bit of happiness and have fun with all types of people! You can choose to play by yourself or be with friends. You’re free to be who you are and express yourself without concern for anyone else. Plus, everyone plays, everyone loves to dance, and everyone will enjoy what they’re doing! If you’re looking to get into a band, or if you’re starting out, or if you’ve come to a dance class, or even if you’re just looking for some fun, you’ve come to the right place! You can dance for fun or to impress your friends. Social dance meets people like yourself who are looking to get to know each other, to meet new people, and to make memories that last a lifetime!

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified electronic cigarettes (ESVs) as a potential human carcinogen. The IARC will be deciding by December 4, 2017 if these nicotine-containing products should be classified as possible carcinogens under international health standards. The decision to classify a tobacco product as a carcinogen does not have the same level of scientific rigor as those used in determining smoking-related cancers.

It has been known for years that e-cigarettes are being developed, marketed, and sold. Even the IARC has concluded, based on numerous studies and review of the scientific literature, that ESVs are less harmful that regular cigarettes and have no significant effect on public health.

The IARC classifies products based on possible carcinogenicity based on the scientific evidence at the time of assessment and does not consider potential health benefits from use. Although the IARC does consider that many potential e-cigarette users would quit if the product were marketed as a smokeless tobacco alternative, the IARC did not consider this at the time of it’s classification, making this claim for the products impossible to verify.

The IARC classified vaping products as a Group 2B carcinogen in 2015, which can be considered a risk factor under international cancer standards.

In the announcement from the IARC, it seems they were in no rush to put their findings on the table. The organization says that they will classify ESVs to the same level that cigarette smoking was before it’s designation, which is Group 1.

“This classification could give us a better understanding of the level of potential harm associated with the devices, and allow us to draw conclusions

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