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Absolutely. If you can, you can make millions in your trading career, and you know a thing or two about making a living, what’s stopping you from making millions in trading? You just need to know the right brokers, pick the right broker to buy and sell options, and know how to trade those trades accurately.

And don’t forget about the technicals – those are the numbers that show the market’s movements and how well traders are buying and selling. If you find them hard to get into or too technical, then you’re right not to buy and sell options.

Don’t forget about trading stocks. Stocks are a great way of making money, and you can make millions with stock trading. But know that there are a lot of moving parts in stocks, and that you also need to know those moving parts well.

And then, as we go through these steps, know that you can always go back to your previous post once we’ve covered one or more of those points.

If you don’t have your stock trading books handy yet, check out this page. And if you are a beginner and can’t find a book that you have worked out the jargon right, then you can download our Stock Trading PDF course here:

This report is from the March 2015 edition of The National Interest . Click here to find out more.

In recent years the government of Libya has been taking a bolder, bolder role in the international order. There is no precedent for such aggressive, bellicose action; not in the history of Western powers.

On 11 March, Gen. Khalifa Hifter, then commander of the Libyan National Army, met Libyan leaders from the U.S., the Arab League, and the United Nations. “Our goal,” Hifter declared, “is the overthrow of Tripoli-based leaders and the establishment of a unified government that will bring security, stability and independence back to the nation. The Libyan people can only achieve this result through their own efforts and decisions.”

Hifter’s move has shocked many in Washington, the Arab world, Libya’s neighbors, and the international community. For the past 30 years, the U.S. government has been urging President Muammar Gaddafi to negotiate with the rebels, and the Libyans have been telling Washington that their rebels were merely “freedom fighters,” not the “real deal.” Hifter’s rhetoric about “democracy” has not held water with Libyans; as one Libyan

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