Can I make a living trading options? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Sheedy

Yes, but you must be approved by the option specialist you choose. Most options specialist are very friendly and will provide you with full and efficient service. You must remember that you must be a serious, experienced trader to become a trading option specialist.

Are there trading fees?

There is no trading fees but we do charge a small commission fee from every trade. The commission fee is paid on every item you have bought. Trading fees are added to the price of all the stock items.

What is the maximum margin?

The maximum margin is 1% of the amount of the trade. The margin must be placed with the option specialist.

May I deposit money at the office?

Yes. This is very important as most financial advisers will not understand this. In fact, you may incur a larger commission fee if you deposit money at the office. Deposit money at the office: deposit it in a bank; use a money order, ATM or cashier’s drawer. Keep it separate and secure from your portfolio items.

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For more information about a money order or an ATM:

How long will I enjoy this service?

The longer you experience this service, the sooner you will get your portfolio on track.

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