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For more than 40 years the United States government has secretly spied not just on American citizens, but on hundreds of millions of people around the world, all in the name of preventing terrorism.

President Obama and his CIA are a lot like the rest of America, with the difference that they can spy on us all.

But they can’t spy on us all the days or all the hours… in fact they can’t do it every day.

As reported by the Washington Post:

The National Security Agency collects a wide range of information on every phone call made within the United States, from the length and time of the calls to the content of each conversation. To date, the collection program has collected the content of 9 billion to 26 billion e-mail messages, and the agency can now collect the contents of as many as 1.7 billion texts and calls each day. NSA analysts also may sift through large amounts of internet traffic, including the e-mails and telephone calls of non-citizens overseas, according to a classified report obtained by The Washington Post.

According to the Post, the new report confirms that the NSA doesn’t actually know whether each and every one of us is “a threat,” as the president and his top officials claim. According to the report, we’re not just “an enemy,” we’re also “the enemy’s enemy,” or “the next target for a targeted killing.”

From this new information, we can be certain that the NSA, like the FBI, doesn’t “have enough information to evaluate” the threat level of the whole population or even their relative danger to us.

Instead, all they know is whether someone they suspect of being an American terrorist is in touch with someone else a terrorist. The only “information” that we have as security experts that they care about is what has been leaked by Edward Snowden, and that’s just not enough.

The information is important, but we can’t be absolutely certain (or justly) that we are not being surveilled as well.

It wouldn’t take much information to lead to a very dangerous conclusion regarding the safety of the United States and our national security interests, and that’s why we need to know the exact nature of the NSA’s surveillance activities so we can begin to fight back!

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