Can you make money scalping stocks? – Swing Trading Strategies 2020

Are there any stocks you recommend? Let me know!!

What is your opinion on the current market climate?

What is your opinion on the current market climate for cryptocurrencies? Do you think the crypto market can last? When will it end? What comes next for the crypto-coins and their market caps?

How can you help?

1. Tell me about yourself, how you got into investing and how you get your data from and what tools you use to make money.

2. Tell me about your portfolio and why you are investing it in each coin currently. What are their pros and cons? Will it go up or down in the coming years? How long have you been in-investing?

Tell me about your work experience (at your previous job, you helped manage other people’s money etc.) Can you tell me about the companies you worked for? I could use a background on what these companies have been able to accomplish or the biggest problem it solved so far?

3. Tell me about the process of building your portfolio. Do you have any tips for investors? Some people keep it simple (the market price goes up with your portfolio) while others go over it with fancy charts. Your portfolio will definitely benefit from both. How much do you think your crypto portfolio will grow?

4. What will be the benefits of you trading? Will it be easy enough to buy and sell? Are the best buy and sell orders coming from the right people? How long do you think it will take to achieve a profitable outcome? This will definitely increase the return for the investors in the crypto universe

5. Tell me about what are the main reasons you got into it. What do these tokens do and why is it an incredible game changer? What are your thoughts on Ethereum? When should people start to buy it? What are your opinions on how long people can hold these tokens in the long run? This is the biggest question I get from people and it’s not hard to answer right?

6. What are the main goals of the coin you are investing in today? How big are those goals? Do you think they can be reached? Can a cryptocurrency become bigger than its current price (or is it better to say no)? Why and how?
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7. What is the best way to help you with your portfolio? How can the world benefit from you being there?

Do give me some valuable advice

1. What is your portfolio

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