Does Warren Buffett use technical analysis? – Swing Trading Earning Reports

Warren Buffett uses financial analysis to make a lot of decisions. On Tuesday, Buffett reported that he was a buyer at Deutsche Bank after a board made a good offer, and then put that board to work to figure out how to buy another bank.

“The board worked hard, and had to be in a hurry to get the deal done and make good on our offer,” he said at a conference in Omaha, Nebraska, according to Bloomberg News. At the same time, he told Bloomberg that he sees some potential in companies that are “in the high-growth businesses” and “have potential to compete effectively with the big boys.”

What’s the secret sauce?

There’s a lot of technical analysis, Warren Buffett has said.

But the one place that Buffett thinks he has something to prove is his ability to figure out which companies to buy when there are too many good ones on the market.

CINCINNATI — After three years of battling through what he calls bad news at Cincinnati’s public hospital, the man whose fight against cancer was covered by FOX19 and The Dayton Daily News is now hopeful.

The Cincinnati Enquirer is now reporting that the man suffering from ALS has been approved for a life-saving stem cell transplant. Though the hospital said previously on their website that the “medical information” in the search would show that the procedure should not be performed, the new information reveals that the procedure should in fact be done.

The Enquirer is reporting that the man in question is 62-year-old Anthony Goyt, now known to the Enquirer only as C.G.

Goyt is a Cincinnati resident who suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the May 2010 massacre at the Bloomingdale’s grocery store in northwest Cincinnati.

In December 2010 the Enquirer, while reporting on Goyt’s fight for life, reported that Cincinnati Medical Center refused his own stem cell donation, saying he should get “a transplant from someone who had an intact immune system.” In response the hospital said they wanted to avoid “the possibility of rejection.” After Goyt began suffering debilitating symptoms that were not responding to any of the treatments available, doctors at the hospital found him to be in need of a stem cell transplant from someone who had been healthy. It was at that time at the Cincinnati General Medical Center (CGH) that he was asked for a stem cell transplant. On September 26th, 2010 CGH said they would be unable to do

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