How can I become an intraday trader? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Mcbeal

The Intraday Trading course can be offered as either a 12 week or 28 week programme and you may choose between two of the following options:

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An 18+ year old free course using the Intraday trading app (iPhone and Android apps)

Or a 24 or 28 week scheme

You can select your package in the application process or simply book with one of our partners through our website.

What if I already have Intraday trading experience, am considering switching to Intraday trading, or have recently completed the course?

You can still enroll in this scheme if you are already an Intraday trader or have recently completed the course.

You will receive an email confirming your registration. Please click over to the ‘Registration’ tab for more information, including how to download an Intraday trading application and a completed Intraday trading application, or to learn more.

Any registration fee you owe will be refunded and you do not need to complete a new course before you can enroll in the programme.

Please contact 0800 827 2300 or 01702 765 641 if you need assistance with this process.

What does it cost?

The programme covers basic courses in:

How to trade

How to set up your own account

Setting up a portfolio, portfolio service and more

Intraday trading is a skill set that will continue to grow. As you will be learning how to improve your trading, you will be able to work on increasing your market knowledge through a variety of courses, on an ongoing basis.

Intraday Trading is offered as a 14 week course to fit on a full or a part time basis, as you need the flexibility to attend any available course(s).

For the programme to work you must have access to an iPhone app such as the Intraday trader app or the Intraday trading app which allows you to follow your portfolio, manage trades and track your investments.

A 30 day full course will cost £1,795 plus fees payable by the first month of course. For a 28 week programme you will pay £3,985, plus fees payable by the first month of course.

The payment rate for this programme will be different to a regular commercial course. The rate will be £250 per week plus an amount payable by the first month of course, so a total of £4,750 will be payable by the first full month.

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