How can I make 50 pips a day? – Day Trading Vs Swing Trading Cryptocurrency

 When I try, I get 50 pips an hour.  In the last hour, the time to get 50 pips can go from 40 to 50.  I think this is related to my being a bit of an ass (you know, the sort of guy that does the math with his head on a swivel), and my “ass level” in the sense that I’m going to take any good thing I’m doing in a day and do it in my sleep. The point here is that one can train with this sort of frequency.  It’s possible to train three times a day with 50 pips an hour, or five times a day with 100 pips an hour, or 10 times a day with 1000 pips an hour, though I’d like to think that that’s just a matter of the effort required, rather than the actual number of pips a given trainee can expect to train without too much difficulty.
Posted by Chris
I’m sure there’s someplace on Earth where it’s a great idea to work the same muscles three times a day.
Now, let’s look at this from a different perspective…
This is a bit of an oldie, but I think it’s the key to it all.  When training, you do a lot of different things:  You get tired of your normal exercises, and use other muscle groups, you do sets and reps to try and push yourself, and you do some of this work with dumbbells and some with weight plates.  You get fatigued in the gym and then do this other stuff.
So, when doing this type of work with weights, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing it in a way that gives you the best possible results, and that your other activities are the right ones:  If you have time, your friends don’t.  If they do, they can do this and that and the other things that work equally well.  There’s a reason that the great workhorse, John Carlos or Jim Thorpe or even just Arthur Ashe or the late Jimi Hendrix would say, “I can do this, but I’m not happy about it.”
So, in particular, when you’re doing this type of work with weights, you want to try and accomplish a number of things well:  you want to make sure that you keep the rest part of your work session short, don’t be working too hard with

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