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For all of us, it takes perseverance, commitment and commitment of time. But it’s also really important to be a bit smarter about your drinking to ensure you make it to 50 pips every day. Here are some tips to help:

Choose a night you enjoy you’re not going to be too drunk. So, rather than drinking a lot on the weekends or nights out, drink what you enjoy and make that first half of the night a bit of a hangover so you’ll be more likely to actually go to bed drunk than you are in the morning.
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Use less alcohol. For every 200 ml of alcohol you’re currently drinking is an extra 1 pips per day. So, if you’re planning on drinking a couple of bottles of beer on a night out, use a little more booze.

Use less caffeine. For every five milligrams of caffeine you’re drinking, you’re a little more likely to make a mistake. So, if you’re planning a bottle of wine on the weekend, do yourself a favour and use a little less wine.

Choose a wine cooler to keep less booze than you’re using. So, if you’re currently using a bottle of wine on the weekend but you know you should just buy a bottle tomorrow so you can buy a cool bottle of wine, you can choose to get a cooler that is closer to you and keep your alcohol at less of a temperature.

When you’re in a hangover, drink less water. As a hangover can get your drinking rate way up, drinking less water on a hangover can take the pressure off your stomach.

Use cold drinks if you’re going on a night out (or if you’re going out at night). Cold drinks may improve your mood, speed up your metabolism and help you feel more alert in the morning.

Have a warm meal. If your stomach is going wild because you just drank too much, have a warm meal. A hot meal can also help you feel more alert the next day.

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