How can I make 50 pips a day? – Swing Trading Basics

There is no magic number, as long as you can maintain a strong daily pace of 25 to 30 pips (with a 2-pack daily, 30 pips is considered a very good training pace). But it would be worthwhile to use the goal as a guideline, and see what you can do to reach it.

What if I want to lose the fat immediately?

If you are looking to lose the most, and are not looking to maintain the current fat percentage as you train for the meet, you should start slow and aim for 25 to 30 pips per day. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t really get to where your strength is until you are training and lifting more and more weight. When you work up to your goal, the percentage of fat you will lose is dependent to a large extent on exercise and nutrition, so if you are not doing any strength work, your goal isn’t going to change at all, since you will just continue to get leaner.

I am in the 3rd percentile or above for my age and have started to increase my strength from bench, squat, and deadlift. Should I increase my pace and put myself under the limit?

The Master Swing Trader by Alan S. Farley

Absolutely, do the following in order. For both men and women:

1. Do a strength build/maintenance week.

2. Add in 2-3 weeks of lifting and conditioning on either side of your training week.

3. The last week of your weight training/maintenance week, do a strength build/maintenance week.

Now start your weight training on the third day of your strength build/maintenance week. Rest your body. Don’t get into any heavy lifting or lifting too much. Only perform 8-10 total reps on most exercises. As in the first 2 weeks, only do a strength build/maintenance week. You might need a day or two off, so make sure you don’t allow yourself that excuse.

On day 3, you should be adding in 4-6 sets of 8-12 total reps to the 2-3 total reps you’ve done in the last week. Once you get to the point where you can get into the upper half of the range, then you can switch to higher repetitions, but not for more than 3 sets. Now do 2-3 more sets; but in this instance, not more than 3 sets each time you finish the routine. On day 4, take 5-10 minutes

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