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This chart can help. In general, if you’re seeing a dip, you’re in a recession and have more slack in your labor market. The chart below shows the rate of labor force growth over the past four years and the jobless rate. As you can see, the labor force has grown at an impressive rate but at a slower pace than when the economy began to recover. This indicates that the recovery has not completely come in full swing, since there is a long period of slack in the labor market.

To determine where you stand, it helps to focus your attention on two major questions and to consider the context of each question.

First, what has been the most recent news we’ve received? Here we find that labor force growth has consistently exceeded our expectations over the past year. It has been strong enough that it’s now moving us away from the last recession. Second, what is the state of the economy at this moment in time? If you know what your job market is, you can know whether the economy is in recovery mode or not. This is also known as the unemployment rate.

As you can see below, job growth has exceeded expectations in two months’ time. That should serve as a clear signal and a cue when to start making adjustments to future payrolls. As an added bonus, we’ve been able to confirm that the unemployment rate is moving in a positive direction. The unemployment rate is at a high of 5.4 percent, meaning that nearly one out of every five people not in the labor force is not in a state of despair.

Here is the question and context of our chart. If we had told you to look at the chart and ask what’s happening, you might be thinking we meant the economy as a whole. That’s not necessarily the case because the economy as a whole has been experiencing pretty much a recession. Indeed, it has been the worst economic expansion since the Great Depression. The good news is that the economy has started picking up steam, as we’ll show you next week. But the good news is that unemployment has slipped back to just 6.3 percent, and if we’re moving in the right direction, in the near term we’re likely to be seeing increases in household spending, which should help reduce unemployment.

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