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You may choose an unused mana slot. Add one mana of any type that you’d rather not pay to those two slots instead.

When you do, put all cards exiled with this spell into their owners’ graveyards.

The latest example of the new world order

As an alternative to the old order, the new order will have to be a new world order, in which the states will no longer have the role of controlling the entire economic life of the nation but rather be bound to a single nation-state. The economic role will fall to a single nation-state’s central authorities.
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While it is not the first time that globalists are calling for the replacement of states by nation-states, the following article is interesting as follows:

One of the ways the American public has been misled about the “new world order” lies in the media, especially the television and print media. The public’s perception of the international system as a “world government” for all nations is a product of the media’s attempts to influence our thinking by controlling where we find a news story and presenting facts that reinforce the narrative. The media’s attempt to influence public opinion on this important issue is evident by the fact that the “new world order” has remained essentially invisible on the news.

The “new world order” is still hidden

The new world order is the result of the destruction of the old world order, as the establishment’s goal is complete world domination. Thus, it is still hidden.

The establishment, for example, seems unable to understand that, even though Europe is a much larger nation, it will need to be divided into smaller units and merged into some other nation-state. Therefore, the new world order has to include only a few countries while excluding others, just as the old world order excluded others from the international community. And, in addition, the new world order will need to include all of those countries that can be controlled in the old world order: India, Japan, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia,

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