How do I become a successful trader? – Short Swing Trading Definition Financial Aid

There are plenty of books available to aid you in your journey to becoming a successful trader. The books outlined below are just a sampling of books on the market that cover all aspects of the trading and investing strategies and are well recommended for everyone from new traders to people in the early stages of their trading career.

Learn to trade in the easiest way possible: Investing 101

I was reading a book about investing with my son one day and I mentioned how boring he was to watch me make trades. He suggested an easy way to start trading. I didn’t have a clue on what he was talking about and when asked he said, “Just buy and hold.” So I did…I have no regrets and I am currently making $4k a month trading stocks.

Learn to Trade like the Pros: Financial Independence and Financial Freedom

This is a great reference for anyone who wants to know if investing is right for you. It goes into the research you do and how you can use the information correctly. There is an index for beginners where you find out the best financial companies around. I recommend the investment advice in this book so don’t just copy it from the internet.

Gain confidence in your trading skills: Trading 101

My friends always tell me you should never trust your gut and you should stick with what you know. The trading approach that works with them is to invest in a market that is close to them and see the return as long as the value of the stock has a huge upside. A trader must be very consistent and be aware of the market for a year before they will make a decision.

The book gives a really interesting look into the inner workings of the market and has many good quotes from traders such as the famous Warren Buffett, Bob Graham and David Einhorn.

Learn to trade stocks for your retirement: Trading 401k for Retirement

An amazing book on investing in the 401k for retirement. It explains how to calculate your money and determine how much you should keep in the stock market. It also helps you take the risk out of the 401k by giving advice on how to allocate your money in different ways as well as providing charts and tables to help investors do analysis of your portfolio with ease.

Get an up to date trading plan: Trading For Success

This is my personal favourite stock market book and I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn to trade and make money. This book is full of great advice and great

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