How do you take profit from trading? – Swing Trading For Dummies By Omar Bassal Cfa Institute

(in a very basic way) First of all you have to be able to get money. In the real money trading the profit will usually come from the margin (the price difference between the book and the open) which are paid in advance. Since the money that you own is also invested, you can also keep on investing.

In Bitcoin trading you also have two options:

Option Trading

This is the simplest type of trading and is what you often see on forums, and in many articles about Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading, but it doesn’t work in practice. It is easy to understand and a very easy to play, and it is easy to implement. For this sort of trading you can rely on a “margin” which is the amount that you’re keeping to cover the trade, if your balance is above $10 you have to make sure that your margin is at least $10, and you may do that at any moment. You have to have a margin of at least $10 to trade without paying a fee and it has to be at least $10 to be able to trade in the open and you need to be able to sell your Bitcoin.

Option Trading is also a lot less risky than trading on margin because there is no chance of losing the Bitcoin you have purchased as there is only one thing to lose. This is possible though because you actually own the Bitcoins in the amount of $10 and can sell one Bitcoin for a profit when the market takes away any more Bitcoins from you.

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