Is it possible to trade for a living? – The Complete Swing Trading Course

Can you see the value in that and be an asset to your trading platform?

In my opinion, yes. But I am sure that there are no trading accounts in the whole world that cannot trade for a living, so that is not the issue for me.

But how will you make money? I’m going to take you through the steps I found and will let you know how to reach their level quickly.

1. Sell your own shares

In this example I will use my very own shares to sell.

In the market you can always trade the same shares, but for the next step I will be very specific.

I simply have to buy shares in the market and sell them to you at a profit.

2. Sell to a broker

You can buy stocks with money or buy shares directly off the exchange. But not every broker will help you as they do not have the time or budget for your needs.

Here’s what I suggest.

Start off with buying as many shares of the same stock as you deem that you can afford.

Buy 1000 shares at a discount to the market price. For example I bought 1000 shares at 1.05USD and sold them for .35USD

Buy 2000 shares at a 1.20USD discount to the market price. This means that you can sell at 2.5USD in total profit after a 6-day period

Let your shares sit on the shelf for six months. Don’t give the broker too much control over your shares. Once you can afford to buy the 1000 shares, your brokerage can easily start to offer you a better buy option.

Buy again with the help of a financial institution or exchange.

3. Buy directly from a broker

A lot of brokers will offer you a very good way to buy shares. But I believe that if it could be more efficient, it would be faster. Here’s how you can do it.

First you need to get rid of any other shares. I will explain with the example of my 1000 shares.

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Buy a 1000 shares at 1.05USD and sell the shares at 0.35USD.

You will now have 1,050 shares.

Now buy 1000 shares at 1.20USD and sell them at 1.90USD.

You will now have 2000 shares. You need to buy another 1000 shares at 0.35USD and sell them at 1.60USD.

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