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I would argue if you are actively trading using a swing trading platform, the chance to lose money relative to day trading is lower. But, how should you decide whether a swing platform is riskier than a simple day trader?

There are many trading platforms with the same risk profiles. Most are very similar but the differences can be subtle. These differences aren’t always easy to recognize.

For example, many swing trading platforms are only available on a select number of exchanges such as Bitcoin/BTC, Ethereum/ETH, Litecoin/LTC. There’s a lot of trading activity with those exchanges but the risk levels and trading volumes could range from very low to high.

If your trading platform is only available on one exchange, it’s likely to have lower pricing and less risk profile. Also, if you have a trade that trades on multiple platforms in the same day, you should probably use a trade broker that has the best risk profile. There are many reputable brokerages on the market offering risk profiles similar to those we list below based on our research.

Swing Trading Sites: The Difference Between Swing Trading and Trading Stocks & Bonds

Below you will find our list of popular swing trading platforms that offer the highest overall risk and trade volume on the market.

All platforms are subject to the risk of hacking. Many swing trading platforms are hacked daily so always use a platform that has been tested and monitored by a security team. Swing trading platforms differ significantly in terms of pricing and risk profile for any given trading day. Swing Trading Options for Beginners: Best Strategies ...

Note that while some sites may charge extra if you have a high account deposit, others may not charge extra. Use the platform that is right for you based on your risk profile. Our suggestions are based on our experience and our knowledge of the platforms we used.

Bitcoin/BTC – The first swing trading platform is bitcoin trading platform Bitcoin Cash which takes advantage of bitcoin and altcoin trading. Bitcoin Cash, or BTBC for short has a trading volume of $4 billion on the bitcoin blockchain and at the time of writing, has a market cap of almost $11 billion. Many of the exchanges selling Bitcoins, like Coinbase, are offering free trading on BTBC.

Ethereum/ETH – Ethereum is the second major cryptocurrency on our list. Ethereum trading volume is over 2x that of bitcoin’s.

Ethereum/LTC – The first swing trading platform is Ether trading platform Litecoin which offers lower fees and offers an average trading volume of over 4

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