Is Technical Analysis dead? – Best Stocks For Swing Trading June 2020

No. The idea has not been proven or disproven. The idea is still a part of the world of technology. It is like when people say “a new, better way to learn a language” and they do not yet see how it is going to play out. The same is the case with “technical analysis”. If all we say is “let’s use a big, new, and complicated data-mining application to automatically discover the best way to do something”, then it is going to be pretty hard to actually use it.

Now, you can say “yes”, you can use these tools for your specific use case in a way that the rest of the world cannot, so long as you write the code and do the analysis.

The big problem is that you might not realize it till you have a real, live usage of the application. It is much harder to be sure if this data-mining is actually good or not than to be sure if you are not trying to use a tool blindly.

In the case of software, you might even be quite good at making the use case work for you. The code is so simple and readable you probably write some code that can be reused with this application and have done so well that you feel absolutely safe in doing so.

In the case of data mining, where the code itself is complicated, or the data is too complex to work with automatically, or both, it is much easier to figure out if it will actually work properly and for what kind of purpose than if a huge body of code written by people who have not studied data mining makes it easy to use and understand.

Now, when you are dealing with any kind of large system, the amount of problems you will encounter and the complexity of the code and the amount of variables being used in a specific application is too large for you to know ahead of time what the best use case is and what the best way to use the tool is. Most developers get scared of using one small, easy application that does not scale well.

We are going to see an example of this in a bit. We will start with the problem of a very simple website that needs to be able to show a very small list of products. In this case, you have no idea what is the best way to do that so you just do it. In fact, there is nothing you can do about it, there is nothing you can do about the fact that your code is messy and complicated.

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