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Simply put, sma50 is the official SMART-plus (Smart-plus 2.0) Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart Sensor and Receiver (Black) product.

Note: The 2nd generation (white) version of Sma50 will be available on October 10, 2016.

Sma50 Pro Pack

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The Sma50 Pro Pack provides a complete set of products and accessories that are integrated into the SMART-plus 2.0 Bluetooth® 4.0 Smart Sensor and Receiver. It comes prebuilt, and is pre-programmed and pre-loaded with a wide array of products.

Product Description

The Sma50 Pro Pack consists of the SMART+ Bluetooth® 4.0 Sensor and Receiver, and contains:

The SMART+ Smart Sensor

Sma50 Premium 2.0 Speaker and Mic

SMART Receiver

The SMART+ Smart Sensor:

The SMART+ Smart Sensor connects the Bluetooth® Smart Sensor’s wireless access point (such as a phone), to your mobile device’s network. It monitors and displays the status of the Bluetooth® Smart Sensor. It can also be used for security purposes. The SMART+ Smart Sensor has an ultra-low-power consumption and is small and light. It delivers up to 30dB SNR, so you can communicate with your device even in difficult environments with little to no battery drain at all.

SMART+ Speaker and Mic:

The speaker and mic system is designed for communication. You can use the SMART+ speaker or microphone to make calls, control the device or control your app. The speaker system also has built-in microphones capable of picking up speech, and a 2 meter x 0.8 meter (5.7″) long, 0.6 m (1.6″) wide microphone with a 2 m (8.6″) long USB connector. This microphone was pre-programmed with the SMART+ sensor and can be used to capture audio and make recordings of what you’re saying. The microphone is built-in to the SMART+ Wireless module, so that you don’t have to solder directly to the module. The microphone also supports Bluetooth® Low Energy, so it is compatible with the SMART+ module. The speaker also includes a microphone cable and a power cord, making it extremely simple to connect the system to your computer, smartphone, TV, or any other compatible audio or communication device.

SMART+ Receiver

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