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sma50 is a tool for automated testing, that creates tests for the most important functions in the software, from the interface to the production code.

The testing is performed using a combination of the JUnit runner and the standard testing libraries.

sma50 is currently developed and tested on Linux (Ubuntu), Windows (Windows 7 – 8), FreeBSD, Mac OSX, and openSUSE distributions of Linux. It can be used against any Linux distribution (i.e., Ubuntu, Arch Linux, RedHat Linux, SuSE, Oracle Linux, HP Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, and Gentoo).

sma50 has tested against the following operating systems:

Ubuntu, Arch Linux

RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX

openSUSE Linux

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openDDE Linux

Gentoo Linux

RedHat Enterprise Server and OpenShift


Binaries for Windows and OS X are available on the sma50 download page.

sma25 – for automated test integration

sma25 has been renamed sma5 to make it simpler to remember.

sma5 – a tool for automated testing

This version is called sma25 because it was specifically designed to be used as a test runner, and therefore lacks the capabilities of sma50 (testing against Windows, OS X, or other operating systems). It is however able to run against Windows or other operating systems, but it is more capable than sma5 at running against other platforms (such as Linux). See the manual page for details.

Getting started

For more information, see the Documentation and API Reference on the wiki for sma50.


sma50 has an active community, where you can participate and ask questions via the mailing list. You can also file bugs using the GitHub repository.

This is the mailing list for all the developers.

If you want to send comments to developers directly, you can do that here or via mail to the mailing list. Developers do not reply directly to comments.


See the Contributing page for the list of development rules.


sma50 is released under the GPLv3 license.

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