What is swing trading? – Best Options Trading Course Review

What is an option contract?

Why do I need to get a broker?

How can you avoid having a transaction that is late?

To help prevent delays on your trade this tutorial demonstrates how to buy a position using a SwingTrade and create an initial trade with options.

Step #1 — Setting up a SwingTrade

If you haven’t already you’ll need to download a SwingTrade. To do this on the desktop you’ll need the full client version for Windows (version 3 or later) and the latest version for Mac OS X or Linux (4.1 or later). To install it, open the Swing.app and go to your Downloads section. Then grab the client code.

If you’re already using the Swing client, use this one.

If you’re using the open source version (not available at www.swingtrade.com) this tutorial is probably not a good way to set up your trade because the Swing client will just ask you to specify your account in the command line and you won’t get any feedback about the execution of your trade.

If you’re not using the Swing client or the open source version then you’ll have to follow these steps:

Get the latest client version from Swing.

Download the Swing version (the client is only a ZIP file) from

open source Swing Trader, which has a small amount of error checking built in. This version will work for all clients that exist as far back as 1.2.6.

Open your Swing client and in the menu on the top you will see a command prompt. Change directory to the download directory and run the command “curl -sSL https://downloads.swingtrader.com/client/3.1.0/swingtrader_3_1_0.zip | bash”.

You’ll see the following output after running the command:

Downloading client version 3.1.0.tar.gz… /home/user/Downloads/swingtrader_3_1_0/swingtrader_3_1_0.zip (16.4M)

When this message is finished the download will start and the client will ask you for the username and password you used to create the account before, that way you can’t get the password later.

Enter in the account and password. The following output is added:



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