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Average income of a day trader:

The basic definition of Day Trading goes back decades, so we can be very conservative about this and assume that the total gross income per day during a six month period, assuming that you have a six month month of continuous trading, is $2 a day.

(2 – $0.02) x 7 = $2.42 a day

Now the average day trader trades in a short timeframe, less than a month, and can have large day trades. When we apply that formula, we have an average per day of $2, and we can see that the average monthly income is $28.

Average monthly income of a day trader – 6 months

Here, we will use that same formula, but with $28 in monthly income! We can calculate that $28 is the average per month, or the salary of an average day trader.

In the six month period, we have $28 in income or $1,076 x 6 = $1,076 monthly. So we can calculate our income:

$28 – $2 = $1,100, then we multiply that by 3.2 x $1,076 = $31.42 $31.42 x 4.2 = $54.42

So there you have it. That’s your average income for the six month period, and it will stay as you have it throughout the day trading season!

How do I make money day trading?

Day Trading is a fast way to make money if you’re new to the trading world. Don’t let the word “fast” deter you. The average day trader makes around $100 per day per day, which is a pretty good deal!

We’re just going to be using hourly prices during a day trading session, so if you are using more of a per hour rate like a price move, like a trade when you are trading in the market, you should not get your first big profits during the first few days.

Here’s how it goes:

Step 1 – Begin the day trading session

Step 2 – Get into the market

Step 3 – Buy and sell

Step 4 – Repeat

This step isn’t complicated, so get into the market and start making big money! And remember, the only way to get money is by trading at a decent price.

Day trading day

Day trading can be very risky especially

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