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Swing traders are in a business of making money, right?


Most people on the trading floor are making money.

But the average swing trader probably isn’t much better off because of the high risk, low reward nature of their trade. For example, the risk and reward of this position at $5,000 is quite high. Here’s a swing trader doing it with the funds that were borrowed (interest-free) from their parents:

What will happen if I pull out before closing?

If you pull out before closing, your profit may be less than you thought it would be for a number of reasons:

Your position could have decreased in size, meaning your returns will be lower than those for a longer time frame. In the time frame of the trade, the volume of shares that you had in the position may have been greater.

How many shares have you lost?

It depends on how much longer you were in the position. If you lost a bunch of shares during a large period of time, it would probably look that way to you. If you lost a handful of shares before closing, it will seem like you made a ton of money during most of a period in the market.

When would the profit from this position equal that from a regular position, and when will it equal zero?

That depends on how you analyze the situation. If you analyze it in terms of a market cap of the position and a market cap of the portfolio the position represented, you need to determine the difference in price for each position and then multiply that price difference by the price of the position within the portfolio. As one example, if your position represented $100,000 of stock, you need to multiply the difference in market cap of the portfolio by a factor of 100.

The difference in price will be smaller if the portfolio is a basket of stocks, such as 10 stocks and 10 stocks combined.

The difference in price will be bigger when the position is a specific level, such as if you have a position representing $5,000 in one sector of the stock market for a particular time span.

Your portfolio is composed of different investments in different sectors of the stock market, including ETFs (exchange-traded funds), bonds, and some money market funds such as those run by mutual fund companies.

How many positions are there? Which does the market pay the highest returns to?

The markets

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