What type of trading is most profitable? – Swing Trading Strategy With High Return Pdf

We can’t put an exact price on it, but you can get a rough idea by doing some simple math:

The minimum investment needed to buy 1% of the S&P 500 is $1,333,333 (it may be more, some places do more, others less). It’s just a very steep start.

The top traders have an average of more than 20% of their portfolio in stocks, but they only need about 1/10 of that to have a profitable trade. If you know a few of the top 5 traders, it’s possible to go much higher, but if you are smart you’ll have more in other categories like commodities or small cap stocks.

So the answer is, if you know enough of the top 5, you’re probably going to know a large fraction of the stocks. But you also may not know anything about the stock market for a more general market overview you can do with some basic stats. You can’t get a number like 0% stock market or 10% S&P 500 on one day, so you have to look at it from a longer time frame.

You see this question pop up quite often.

What’s the best time, how much does it cost in fees to trade?

You need to understand a few of the nuances. Here’s one simple example:

Let’s say your account has $150 and you think you can get $2,000 by trading stocks. You think you can make $2,000 by trading stocks when you have $150.

But the actual trading costs aren’t $50 per trade; they’re $50 for the first trade, $12.50 per trade afterwards. So the actual cost is $24.50 per week, or just under $2,000 – although it’s easy to overpay and make it less than that. (So I recommend just trading some stocks if you are under $150, then doing a monthly trade every now and then and that will save you money.)

So to get to this $2,000, you need to buy shares of the stock at $60.50 and a $12.50 purchase fee. That’s an initial cost of $12.50 in fees, you pay the $24.50 for every trade. From here, your total cost of $2,000 is:

Buy $120 Shares Buy $30 per day Trade $250 per week

So you’ve bought 60 shares

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