Which candlestick pattern is most reliable? – Best Swing Trading Strategies Malayalam

Which pattern is least likely to fail – is it more likely to fail at a single side or a couple of sides?

Which is most likely to produce a stable candle?

Which is least likely to produce a stable candle? How often does a stable candle occur during a specific day in the pattern?

Are there certain candlesticks in this candle that will rise more readily at high altitudes, and lower altitudes, during the current pattern?

Does the pattern usually repeat itself twice during each phase?

In what way is the candle’s movement different on each pattern?

During the day, do any of the candles display a more stable behavior? The more consistent (or predictable) pattern is a better indicator.

Did you ever observe “a bright peak in candles” occurring during two adjacent candlestick patterns within the same pattern? Was this a unique occurrence or is it indicative of better underlying patterns?

Does the candle trend change? The candle movement looks like it is trending upwards or downward.

As the pattern is progressing, which is more likely to end out the bottom with the lowest candlestick: a higher peak or a lower decline?

Does the candle peak to the right of the middle candlestick or to the left of the middle candlestick?

Is the pattern showing a significant “drop” or a significant “rise” within the second half of the stage?

Is the candle pattern showing a significant drop across more or less than half of the candlesticks?

Would you agree with the question, “Is there a particular candlestick pattern that is more difficult to predict?”

The answer to this question can help you determine the best pattern to perform in your next session!

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