Which chart is best for trading? – 10 Best Swing Trading Patterns And Strategies Pdf

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“A lot of times when people say to me, ‘What should I learn from the movie?’ [Laughs] Well, I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I have opinions.”—Laurie Metcalf, writer and director of “Cinderella,” “The Sound of Music” and “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

My father was an immigrant from Czechoslovakia. My mother was an immigrant from Poland, a country most Americans consider our most hostile. The Czechs and Poles were fighting over the same land during World War II. The Poles wanted to keep it for themselves, the Czechs wanted the land as well.

My father wanted to keep it for himself. He lived in Germany until he married my mother. Then he came to the United States after World War II, eventually settling in Dallas. My mother was born in Poland, and lived in California and New York for a while before coming to the United States. I have a grandfather in America and a great-grandfather in Poland. My father fought in the war for his country. The Poles were in it for much the same reason the Czechs were; they didn’t want to take land from the Czechs. Both countries were fighting over the same people.

In “Cinderella,” Henry II wants to keep Cinderella and all her descendants in Europe, not to be taken away. So he tries to buy them out, but there’s no way he’ll get through the British Parliament. The Poles are standing with my grandfather, and my grandfather’s not willing to fight on either side. What do you think? What would your advice be to the Poles and the Czechs?


Laurie Metcalf: A good one would involve an independent Germany, the free state, and Czechoslovakia not having to fight over anything. Also to keep it as a united country, but not as an occupied state. I’d suggest that the Czechs and Poles make sure that they aren’t forced to come to terms with each other.

As for the United States, I’d say that the best thing the United States can do would be to get its people educated about how we lost, and that we really have never really recovered from the effects of Nazi Germany. Most people don’t understand that and will only read about what happened in the movies. That’s another major step toward becoming a more independent

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