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If the market is in flux, how will the S&P 500 perform?

The chart below compares how the S&P 500 and S&P 1500 performed following the 2016 election. The red line shows that the S&P 500 was down about 4% when the vote was held, and the blue line indicates that the S&P 1500 was down about 3%.

To me, what’s most important is that Trump defeated Clinton. So while it’s true that the S&P 500 and S&P 1500 performed a little bit worse than on Election Day, given that the market was at a record high, I wouldn’t say that Trump actually lost a lot of voters’ confidence.

What would it mean for stocks to win the presidency?

At this point, we don’t know. But given the recent rally in equities, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock market perform slightly better in the years that follow.

In any case, what you should try to do is look for indicators that show what’s happening around you.

The indicators of the 2016 election I look for are (in order):

You might be looking for the film series, or the musical series or the television series.

For a long time, the two were considered two separate entities. For the first two seasons, most of the series was based on a short story written by Bill Finger (which he later collected into a hardcover book). However, during the later seasons of the original series, much of the source material was rewritten by other writers.

Bill gave the series its title, “Pretend or Die” – referring to the fact that he wrote the series, the writers themselves could not possibly win against the studio (or anyone else for that matter), and he was on the payroll. In the early seasons, “The Pretender” was written as “The Rival” or “The Rival”, depending on audience response. Also, several episodes in the first series were re-scheduled in order to deal with the series being filmed in the UK and the US, while the British premiere went ahead as planned.

The series lasted eight seasons. The eighth season included the short story “Watership Down” in which a character was killed by an assassin. “The Rival” featured an assassination plot in which a rival gang was to be stopped. It also had a spinoff titled “Killing Eve”, a story that dealt with a character

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