Which indicator is best for swing trading? – Warrior Trading Swing Trading Course

When your goal is to beat the market and have a higher than average return and you’re betting on a relatively small number of stocks, and all of the sudden you’re making a change, is there a better one to use?

The answer may surprise you.

So let’s get to the pros and cons of the different indicators.


You’re always right, because it’s always moving right

With the best market timing indicators, it’s always moving right

When you’re losing, it’s usually in a trend in which you’re going against the past

With the best market timing indicators, you can always have a better picture than the market


You may get a false positive; you may lose money

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If you make false calls and you miss, you’re out of money

Because of false positive trades for these indicators, there’s an old term for it: “market timing”


You get to know what the market is likely to do (with the best timing indicators, you can usually find out what it’s likely to do in a week)

It’s always moving along

With the best market timing indicators, you can always have a better picture than the market.


If you make money, it will look like a false positive when you’re done

If you make money, you can sometimes lose

If you make money, you have the chance to make a lot of money at once

That’s the short version of what Market Ticker.com is all about!

We are dedicated to helping you learn the best of the market timing indicators around!

Here’s what makes us different from other market timing sites.

We’ve been doing market timing indicators since we were a small startup, and have continued our work from there!

Here are a few of our most popular markets, along with a little history and a couple of our own market timing indicators!

For now, here are our favorite markets, but if you don’t believe us, you can always ask us! We’re just not interested in making money by saying “I know this market better than 99% of the people on the planet”.

Please take a read through all of our indicators, and then let us know if you have any questions. We’ve got many more on the way!

What are the top stock market timing indicators?

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