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The two are the same, but for different use cases. SMA is the single-lane, multi-gigabit link, where each data-per-node is a smaller (1Gbps) version of a single (1Gbps) node, with 100GB/s per node. EMA is the 2-lane, multi-gigabit link, where each data-per-node is a smaller (4Gbps) version of a single (4Gbps) node, with 100Gbps per node.
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SMA vs. EMA in the Wild: SMA vs. EMA In the world of high-speed Ethernet, it is relatively easy to design a SMA link. The problem is, many of these designs suffer from an inherent bandwidth degradation as they move from large-scale, high-capacity networking into smaller-scale, lower-capacity networks. On a 2-lane, single-gigabit link with EMA and SMA, the peak throughput depends primarily on how many data nodes you have, how many connections you have, and the number of physical links you have between each node (see Figure 1). On a 1-lane, multi-gigabit link with EMA and SMA, you can run many applications at once on an “all-or-nothing” network, and if one node’s speed drops, all the other nodes are not impacted. The top-of-the-line 1-lane “all-or-nothing” network—a 4Gbps link—has a theoretical maximum throughput of up to 5.56 GB/s; it may be faster if you have four or five applications running on the link. An all-or-nothing, 4Gbps link is also less resilient to a power outage or a catastrophic failure: you can have one node fail and others continue to get enough power to run at higher speed. So even if your 4-Gbps link had a built-in power redundancy feature, you might run out of power and have to reroute the system to another link. Also, a 1-lane system isn’t as cost-effective as the same link on a 2-lane system to run an all-or-nothing network. Even an all-or-nothing system designed to handle a 500GB/s peak (400GB/s on peak) for the two nodes can’t cope with a 500GB/s capacity for a single node. For 4K video streaming, where you have to

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