Which is the best indicator for swing trading? – Swing Trading Ibd

If you want to see how well your trade works, go on trading day, see what percentage of your total trading is in your area of the map where no traders were reported. Make your move if it’s over 0%.

What’s the best way to get notified when my sell order expires?

You can sign up in your accounts here (I’ll have a button for that in a minute) and I’ll send you a notification every time someone tries to close a sell order.

Is there a way to view all market data for the day?

If you use Gintama Trading, you can check all the details on a detailed map where you can see your total trading, current positions, your favorite traders and their positions.

Can I trade only specific stocks/ETFs?

Yes, you can buy stocks only. If you prefer trading ETFs, use the trade settings. For more details, check the Goto Account page.

How do I save trades for later?

There are 2 ways to save:

Save from the menu in the lower left corner of the screen. You can select a stock or ETF that you want to save later from the list.

Go to the Goto Account page. You can now create a new account, or change your trading options by tapping on the menu and selecting “Settings”. To save a trade, simply tap on it. Your current holdings are displayed and you can click the save button to send it to the account manager.

How do I get my own custom profile?

Make sure you have a backup profile saved in case you need to remove the profile.

What’s the difference in the stock page (for free traders):

This profile is for free traders. You can only trade based on stocks and ETFs that have already made the list in the Goto Account page.

This profile has less stock details and is for those who prefer to watch the stock charts and watch for new trades, because it gives an overview of the market. You can still read about the trades you made and what they were but not buy or sell stocks that were on the list in the Goto Account page.

Is the Trading Options available for those who want to take advantage of the Goto Account page?

The Trading Options are for free traders. They are only available on the Goto Account page. If you want to take advantage of the Goto Account page, you

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