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What Is Moving Average?

So far there have been three moves that I have described and two that have happened, but the last one might be best, because the last one happened in the 1980s (1980 through 1988).

We could try to measure all the changes in a moving average, but we could try to do that with only a few moving averages. We might try to do that in only 30 years. Or 50 years. Well, when it comes to statistics, 30 years and 50 years are not enough. What I would really want to do is, what if we only had 1% of the moving average? But still we have to worry about the next one. So one way is to not have a moving average. If you want to try to measure all the things going on, we have to look at a moving average:

How Would You Measure the Stock Market?

And that’s the point of my answer. We can’t use this move that we have, a few, small moving averages to measure more things than just the market. And then we can’t keep looking for the next one, because it will be one that is not an even playing field.

So the point here is that we have to measure the stock market (or, more accurately, the index), on an even playing field, in other words, we have to have data that goes back far enough, to include all the events that have occurred.

But even if we did do that — as much as I would like to say that we can only analyze a single period, or a single stock, but really we can analyze a whole time span! But we cannot use a moving average as one indicator to find the rest of the data, because of course the moving average gets itself confused when we are looking at it.

One way that we can keep track of this is a moving average line, which looks much like the graph:

In fact, what we want is an average, over time, of the moving average line for some period. The problem with this is two-fold. First, a moving average (or an exponential moving average) can come up with a number that is negative one or positive two, but they will both be negative.

Second, if we wanted to find the stock average for any date in the past, we would have to get rid of the moving average line (and we would then

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