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Why am I being punished? I want to get in on this!”

The whole thing has been a mess for the couple. “We’ve been contacted by a number of schools and they were asking us to provide the names of any children who’ve met the boy, who we had met with, and also who we’ve made contact with,” she said. They even contacted school authorities to ask them to put a stop to it.

So far, most of the schools have said they don’t condone this sort of thing and aren’t in the business of vetting anyone. One of the schools in question, however, seemed to have a bit more sympathy. “These boys were not in attendance to speak with anyone when the incident happened,” a spokesperson with the school said. She explained that this may have been the result of the family being in an emotional state.

“The boys could have been a good role model for some other students and we’re sorry that this would happen to them, but that’s just our position.”


It’s been a few years since I wrote a post on using the following command to set up network traffic with NAT. Here’s a quick recap for those who are interested.

A network is created which you connect your network devices and ports on (or not connected to) to.

Now you want to connect all your network devices to your server, all the way from the server to the clients so you will need to setup your firewall on your client computers. All done on the server. Now all the traffic will go through an NAT network of the server to the end users. You just configured them to be on a NAT network.

What’s the benefit of setting up NAT in an environment like this?

If you have NAT, you will be able to control the clients’ firewall behavior on the client devices.

You can set up an extra type of network connection between the clients and the server. This means they cannot interfere with the server traffic.

You will now have the following effect:

If one of the clients is behind NAT then the other devices will not be able to access your network.

If you have NAT on, no one will be able to connect to your server.

You can set up a firewall for each client based on the following rules. You can use a firewall manager for this task.

You can set up ports so only the client computers can connect to the server.

You can

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