Who invented tattoos? – Traditional Japanese Flower Tattoo Designs

While we’re on the subject of tattoos, we should talk about this question of who invented them. It does seem like it came late to the party. But as you can probably imagine, they were a big thing. They first went mainstream in the 50s and 60s and by the early 70s they were pretty […]

Can a divorced Catholic remarry? – Small Tattoo Designs For Men Shoulder Blade

Is the church ready for that? How much should the new member know about a Catholic’s sex life before committing for the second time to marriage? Does the church offer an open-door policy for new members who may have sexual problems? How should priests explain to a newly baptized priest or nuns why they will […]

What is Japanese style tattoo? – Small Tribal Band Tattoos Designs

Japanese style tattoo’s are typically more intricate, long lasting, and colorful, and typically have a more traditional “old man” aesthetic. Japanese style tattoo’s are typically more ornate than anything else. They tend to feature more abstract or minimalist forms in contrast to the traditional Japanese aesthetic. If you are looking for more detailed tattoos, but […]

What tattoos are most popular? – Compass Rose Tattoo Designs

It’s really all about the artist’s individual aesthetic, and with that comes what people may think of as being the most in-demand tattoos. However, if there are certain types of tattoos that get the most attention, the rest seem to fall somewhere between. What are some things people often find offensive? A lot of times, […]

What is new school tattooing? – Tattoo Designs For Foot For Women

Tattooed schoolchildren are becoming more and more common, although the number of teachers and students has not changed. They are mainly teenagers and young adults who want a way to represent themselves in a way other than tattooing. Tattoos and designs are often used for artistic expression and the idea is to look more natural […]

What is new school tattooing? – Tattoo Designs For Women Wrist And Arm

Before the advent of tattoo parlors, many kids were tattooing their initials as part of their school uniform. And because schools in the US (and around the world) had strict dress codes about “dressing a certain way,” tattoo shops started taking over school districts in the 1970s as teenagers’ fashion and fashion design flourished. Soon, […]

Is Moana a Samoan? – Small Tattoo Designs For Women With Meaning

I hope not, that would require taking a serious look at the film. Moana is set in the eponymous Polynesia, which is not only a very familiar place for many Westerners, but it is also one of many Polynesian islands that have been included in Disney’s The Jungle Book because they are also part of […]

Why are military tattoos called? – Free Tribal Tattoo Designs Leg Men

This tattoo could be considered as a military tattoo, or it could just be a military-type tattoo. Military tattoos are not the same of traditional or modern tattoos which show a certain symbol on the body. It usually consists of a military insignias, a patch of a medal, a pinage, or a scar. Military tattoo […]

Is Moana a Samoan? – Cross Tattoo Designs For Men Forearm Sleeve

Maybe. If it’s true that Moana and her father share a mother, that would make her half Samoan. But the character of a Moana/Tui/Moana hybrid is extremely unlikely. The first thing you need to know about the character of Moana is that she doesn’t look like any of the major characters from the movie. She […]

What foods does the Bible say not to eat? – Shoulder Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs

It is tempting to think that we find out about the forbidden foods by reading the New Testament, which gives us a detailed and authoritative account of many eating practices, but in fact many of the foods most associated with the New Testament never even appeared in the New Testament. Here is a short-list: “grapes” […]