What makes a bad tattoo? – Boy Tattoos On Arm

Most importantly, it’s a damn bad tattoo. As with any other piece of body art, the best way to prevent a bad tattoo is to avoid the artist. So the next time you see someone’s face that doesn’t make sense, or you’re on the receiving end of a particularly awful tattoo – know for a […]

Is it a sin to eat pork? – Small Tattoo Male Chest

Do you know of any sin better? Pork is a favorite food of Christians! And we are not alone in our fondness for fatty and unhealthy foods: According to a May 4, 2005 article from Christian Today, Christians eat pork for the same reasons other religious groups do. They enjoy watching football, and they enjoy […]

What tattoos are most popular? – Star Tattoo Designs For Men Forearms Tree

The top 5 Most Popular Tattoos In 2016 Top 10 Most Popular Tattoos Around The World In 2016 The Best Tattoo Designs Ever For Women The 7 Most Popular Women’s Tattoos In Canada The Most Popular Female Tattoos In Canada The Most Popular Female Tattoo Around The World Top 10 Most Popular Female Tattoos Around […]

What does the Bible say about tattoos? – Shoulder Tattoo Designs For Men

“The apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:28 says people should be “free to choose” what to call their tattoos and what not and that he is “not to judge” anyone for what they call their own “body.” God gave tattooing “spirit” (not body), and there’s nothing the Bible says or does that contradicts this. How are […]

What does lotus flower mean? – Tattoo Designs Simple Photos

Its Sanskrit root means “flower of great abundance” (Vidyapati-gati), and that flower is called Lotus in Sanskrit. The color of the flower is red (lakshana) and the flowers are the shape of flowers of various colors (tibbha) in the Indian culture. Lotus is called a sacred flower and is kept by the gods and the […]

What does the swallow tattoo mean? – Small Tattoo Designs On Paper

(Picture: Shutterstock) The first ink was used to tattoo a bird. It’s the shape – the ‘cock’ – which is the most distinguishing feature of a swallow’s body. The swallow tattoo was first used to tattoo a bird. It is the shape – the ‘cock’ – which is the most distinguishing feature of a swallow’s […]

Do realistic tattoos age well? – Tattoo Ideas For Breast Area

Are they all the same? These tattoos can’t really be tattooed the exact same way, but they can be “done with the same technique and technique only,” the website says. If you have a certain type of skin, there are certain “rules of thumb” that you can have a similar tattoo in the same type […]