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All the traditional arts, even those like tattoos that are traditional to people of the region, are haram. A tattoo should not be regarded as a symbol for a person’s identity; it should not be regarded as a sign of social superiority (for one person, it could be in a religious context, for another, it could be a sign of social superiority, etc).

Tattooing can only be for beautifying of the body as a means of expressing one’s individuality and personal identity, but it is not as a means of glorifying God, nor of glorifying the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) nor Islam, nor of being a symbol of the faith or its rituals. In fact, in certain parts of Muslim culture, wearing a tattoo is actually considered idolatry.

Are tattoos forbidden to Muslims in general?

The word “tattoo” means “marking”, and tattoo is an art form that is not restricted to certain individuals. Those who are skilled in this art form are permitted to tattoo in any part of the body, because this is their artistic means of expressing their individuality, regardless of the intention. Anyone who desires to tattoo can do so, provided they are not religiously fanatical. It is permitted to wear a tattoo as a symbol of the faith or its rituals, provided that the wearer is not doing it for religious reasons, but for personal identity or expression.

The Qur’an forbids tattooing for those who have passed away or are beyond the age of puberty. Tattoos are considered haram to those who cannot see in full, for they may distort the image of the person who is tattooed.

What’s the difference between a tattoo and a tattoo?

Although both are forms of art, they differ somewhat in their purpose and meaning. A tattoo is a small, indelible tattoo that is intended to be a temporary symbol of identity. It is not meant to make up an identity; it is a temporary symbol of identity. For a person to tattoo, they would have to be confident in their own identity and their ability to communicate that identity. This is why it can be a problem if someone takes a “bad tattoo” and spreads it around, just to add to their identity as “authentic Muslims.”
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A tattoo is, by virtue of its existence, a symbol of identity and is designed to make people feel that they are part of a tradition that is

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