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For a better understanding, this article gives some explanation of the meanings and the different reasons for the custom.

The word Haram in Arabic is the same word meaning ‘worshipping the devil’ and ‘immoral’. We can not say that there are two types of tattoo on one body. If such a belief has some basis, then it is sinful. It is not haram to wear a tattoo but to keep it and not to remove it unless it becomes dangerous.

There are three types of tattoo. The first one is a tattoo of the name of Allah. The second one is a black cross which represents Allah. The third one is a black skull and the bones of the body symbolising Allah. This is most common tattoo. But some Muslim scholars consider it as a good thing which is not wrong.

This was the tradition of the people of Islam. As we do not have any laws from them, they kept their practice. It is also considered sinful, even though the original intention of removing it was not harmful to humans.

Also many times the Muslims have different reasons than us for not wearing it. One reason is that its form, color and number of fingers can be different to yours. Another cause is that tattooing of the body is sinful. For example, you may have some tattoos on your body that you will not even get rid of. You cannot remove them. So this practice is not wrong, however we have to make a distinction because some people consider it a kind of self promotion.

Why do some say that it is haram to have a tattoo?

Most of people who think that they cannot have a tattoo without any religious reason, is in fact a Muslim and is well aware of what is right and wrong thing to practise. They may not like to, but they will do it. And when they have a tattoo then its practice is also not haram. This is because their religion does not forbid them to have a tattoo. But they would not be able to do what they want.

I am not trying to argue this and saying that you cannot have a tattoo but you can. But there is another point I want to make which is that if we take a step back and take it in perspective, it is very clear that the practice of tattooing in the present time is a bad thing and should not be accepted.

Some people do not want such tattoos and they are just scared. This is because there are more people wearing

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