Are tattoos haram? – Tattoo Designs With Your Children’s Names

A common misconception is that tattoos are not allowed in Israel, but are allowed if done in the name of the religion. While it is true that tattoos are not permitted as an official part of a religious practice, they may be used in a way that fits the Islamic tradition.

Here is another misconception. If you are not Israeli, and your child is not Israeli, and no Israeli parent is married to a non-Jew, your son/daughter is not Jewish! While this may not apply to the most frequent requests for a daughter’s wedding ring (see below), I think it would be wise to ask an Israeli parent to discuss this with your child, before you send them off to the groom.

What if my son/daughter is not married? If they are not, and have never received any Jewish marriage rites before, many Muslims will not make them sign a contract, because it would imply a marriage they already do not believe they ought to be bound to. In that case, they can get your blessings and make a covenant with the Jewish state, and can even have it acknowledged (see below).

If my son/daughter is married, is this acceptable? If they are married in Israel to someone who is not Jewish, there is not an exact same option as for the Jewish children. Most Jewish parents have to tell their child if they are going to be considered Jewish, or if they are not. In cases of twins (see above), I have asked many of them, if one can be considered Jewish with an Israeli wife (usually the second in marriage), and the other not. I have also found out that some Jewish men are not able to do an Islamic marriage to an Israeli wife. Others don’t want a “Judaic spouse” and prefer an Israeli woman. Some Jewish mothers want to have their children call themselves Palestinian but they don’t want one of them to call themselves Jewish.

When should my son/daughter be allowed to wear an Israeli niqab? In a nutshell, if they want. In the West Bank it is a matter of custom. However, Israeli Muslim religious law does not accept this custom. It is acceptable, and sometimes even necessary for religious reasons, for a Muslim daughter or son of an Israeli father/father to wear a niqab, but it is absolutely not mandatory for them to wear one. And if a mother wants her son to wear a niqab, it should not be mandatory on her husband either. Allowing it on one’s child is

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