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There are some rules for separating. If the relationship has been broken for more than 10 years, a priest or deacon can be asked to dissolve the marriage and issue an annulment, and the annulment is final and irreversible. However, it’s not clear when, or even if, people must be asked to dissolve an irrevocable marriage.

Who can be a Catholic Church judge?

Although the jurisdiction of Catholic judges is often a closely guarded secret, it is certain that there is a Catholic Church judge in every province of Canada and in most Canadian provinces. That’s a fact noted on the church’s website: “Catholic judges are Catholic priests, a priest, a bishop, a professor of Theology, a bishop, or someone serving in the same capacity or a layperson.”

What’s the problem if a divorced Catholic remarries?
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When an individual is a divorced person and remarries, many Catholics, regardless of whether they are Catholic or not, believe that this should be the person’s choice, even though the Church considers all women capable of remarrying. This is despite the fact that most Catholic women of childbearing age do not remarry.

Are Catholic divorcees entitled to the same child support payments as married people?

A Catholic divorcee who remarries has the same child support rights as a married woman. This includes the ability to claim the same entitlement as an unmarried woman under provincial child support legislation if she decides to have another child.

Some Catholics who have been told that they cannot have their children may believe that if they choose not to have children, they have something to hide. In fact, the “covering up” claim could be a smokescreen.

Why does the church still allow some priests to perform marriages and baptisms?

The Church requires the “official” seal of approval of the bishop as an institution. However, some priests (and, until recently, Catholic schools) have an unofficial relationship with priests who perform weddings and baptisms and who may do things that aren’t sanctioned by the rules of the Archdiocese.

The Archdiocese has the authority to control priestly relationships, including a requirement that priests who are not in the Archdiocese perform baptisms and weddings, and the use of priestly resources in churches, chapels, and parishes outside the Archdiocese. For example, priests who are not priests in the Archdiocese must provide services to congregations outside

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