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Well I can, if they’re just really fucking hot. This tattoo was created by my friend and tattoo artist, Joe, at the request of his roommate, who had always wanted one. He made me draw it on and then we talked about it and I was like, Fuck, you guys, this looks awesome. He’s been going for tattoos for a few years, but Joe’s always been a big inspiration to me. The first tattoo I drew with him was my name, and then on another one I drew a picture of my roommate. It was cool because we came up together in college so we already had a bunch of that in us and now you have a new one that you can use.

But you can create whatever the fuck. If someone you’ve been with for six months gets into a tattoo, what’s your advice for when that person leaves, if you don’t have one of your own? [Laughs.] I usually ask them what they want to say. They may want to go out and have fun and just get their friends involved, get a tattoo of something that they do for fun like their favorite band or something. Or they may want to do something that they just like or have that they really hope they’ll make people smile. Sometimes when that person leaves I’ll be like, “You know, you can go out there and have fun for a couple nights while we both go back to our own neighborhoods and we’re in different states!”

How has your relationship with your roommate changed over the years?

Well I used to walk to school with him every morning, and now he’s never been to work. We still don’t hang out. He doesn’t hang out very much, either, at all. But sometimes we’ll get together, and I’ll get a tattoo, and he’ll get a tattoo, and I’ll get a tattoo, and then we’ll eat, and then we’ll watch The Wire.

So we watch The Wire together?

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What’s your favorite episode on the show?

I don’t know if it’s a favorite because it all just happened so quick, but I’ve been watching it for like ten years. There’s an episode called “The Bully” that really stood out to me. It was when we found out that they’d found the guy who killed his friend. It just made so much sense. It was one of the first episodes on the show that really showed how bad things have gotten.

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