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A man is in custody in connection with an incident in which police say he broke out into an SUV with his wife in it at about 4:25 p.m. Wednesday, then shot his wife repeatedly on the roof of the SUV. The man and his wife were transported to a medical center by paramedics. The man was later arrested.
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Police say the couple was driving eastbound in the 5500 block of North Diversey just before 4 p.m. Wednesday when the man’s SUV started to drive erratically. The victim was traveling in the northbound lane and had her front passenger seat flipped over.

After the crash, police say, the couple’s SUV began to roll on its side onto the shoulder and the man began firing into the air, striking both his wife and a female passenger.

Police say the man’s wife was struck in the arm and grazed in the leg and he was shot from inside the SUV. He was later taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and was listed in good condition.

Police say the man fled the scene on foot. Officers arrived and got a description of the person they believe the man was with and were able to track him down.

His name is Jonathan M. Schoen, Jr. He is facing charges of felonious assault with a firearm and felonious assault with intent to kill.

He is being held in the Cook County prison in lieu of $15,000 cash or bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 2.

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The government is trying to stop people from accessing porn, and it wants to make sure that they’re punished severely, so that they feel ashamed for doing it.

There is a very specific reason why the government wants to punish porn. It wants to prevent sexually-explicit materials with any adult content from reaching the Internet, and it wants people to feel that they are being punished.

If you’re a criminal, there is going to be a significant incentive to break a law that is very unlikely to have any effect whatsoever, even at the federal level. And if they can use that, then they can use that to prevent people from accessing material that they may be interested in.

If porn-blocking technology is banned in every country of the world, that will help the government prevent people from accessing materials that are of interest to them. And if that’s how they’re going to get people to avoid offending government officials then we can expect that they will

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