Can Catholics get tattoos? – Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs Simple Lines

Generally speaking, Catholics can get an “open” tattoo.

“Open” means that the religious symbol can be seen through the “surface” of your skin.

Some of the most common religious tattoos are (but are not limited to) the cross on the wrist, a cross on the shoulder, a crucifix on the back of the hand, a Catholic cross on the chest, a cross on the back of the head, and one on the foot. (There’s also a crucifix on the front of your jeans if that’s more your thing.)

The most common religious tattoos among Catholics are (but are not limited to) the cross on the wrist, the cross on the shoulder, a cross on the shoulder, or a crucifix on the back of the hand.

You cannot get a traditional “cover” (i.e., not visible through any skin) religious tattoo – the only time that might be valid would be the month of December, or when you’re visiting a non-Catholic holiday.

Catholic Baptisms are available all year.

Catholic Weddings are done on Holy Days of Obligation as well as on the traditional date selected by the priest (as noted above).

You cannot get a Catholic wedding ring. (Many traditional religions don’t have a wedding ring – or don’t feel it’s appropriate.)

By Josh Myslak
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