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And are you a vegan? Tell me about it! We love getting this.

Kamala Harris: I have a couple tattoos, one of them is an animal.

Vox: Animal?

Harris: No, a fish and a bird.

Vox: And are you a vegan?

Harris: Yeah.

Vox: Why?

Harris: I was brought up in a very vegan household. I think it’s the reason why I’m so committed to my decision. I think it has everything to do with the way my mom raised me, especially my sister, who was raised on a vegan diet. We were like, “No, I’m pregnant, I’m going back to the motherland, and eat what the motherfucker gives me.”

That was my mom and stepfather, and so I always felt very attached to the way my mom raised me.

Vox: Is it hard to eat vegan while still being a member of a group that’s considered extreme in almost all things?

Harris: Yeah, I mean as an individual, I feel like I have no problem eating meat. I think that I wouldn’t be able to eat it if I wasn’t vegetarian. And when it comes to politics—and even here in Washington D.C. as a Republican, I’m very much committed to that, the idea of bringing folks around on issues of compassion—it seems like when you’re talking to people on the other side of the aisle, it’s very clear that they’re on this very hard line of vegetarianism and veganism.

But I don’t hear that very often, you know? So I just…

Vox: I have to say I don’t think there’s much of an argument that people are eating meat in the way that you are eating it. I mean are you aware of the issues? Are your parents on vegan diets?

Harris: I mean my stepmother is a huge vegan. I go by her name. She’s my sister’s sister. The same relationship that I have with my stepfather, it’s very hard for my family to make these kinds of, you know, decisions about what we eat. When we talk.

Vox: What’s it like for you when you think about those decisions?

Harris: I feel, when we’re talking about the food that we’re eating and what kind of food we’re eating, people are really quick

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