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Lotus flowers grow in mud. But you can’t see the flowers because they go into the mud at the moment the water dries up. You have to pay a great amount of money to get them out and the mud keeps them there for six months to two years. Then you have to take them out again. It’s quite a tedious job.

If you’re still wondering why they want to live underground, you can’t look past their obsession with sex. Lotus flowers can get hard to understand. So maybe you should start with the question: What is the Lotus Flower?

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Lotus flower grows in the earth. So why can’t we understand them if they can’t live underground? If they’ve got no choice about it, then you just can’t explain it any further. But because they haven’t got so many choices they’re not so hard to explain. Lotus is the flower in the Earth. So what did Buddha actually go on to explain about how the people there are created? All the things Buddha taught are about our relationship with all living things—how we create, care and treat, how we relate to each other. And this is why you can’t explain it any further. You shouldn’t look at the garden-variety plants from the first day on, because they’re created by us, they’re created by the Earth, we get into the relationship with them through our interaction with the living people and with each other. And they grow in the Earth. So their relationship with the Earth is of a very, very particular kind, and they have to accept it, and accept the responsibility it carries.

Lotus is the flower that lies in the earth, right, inside the soil.

Lotus has a name. So what does the name “Lotus” mean? When you want to plant it or eat it you say “Lotus,” or give it some special name that indicates its sacredness so that the people will understand it and will also accept it. And when you plant it there’s a long process of getting in and it needs to have its roots planted in the dirt so that it can grow. All plantings happen through this process of planting, because this process creates the soil in the ground in the way that it’s supposed to. So when you want to plant a lotus you say “Lotus,” and when you eat it, you say “Lotus.”

What’s the origin of the name “Lotus?”

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