Does the Bible say not to swear? – Tattoo Designs Name


In the Old Testament, the command to not swear was given regarding the taking oath. In the New Testament, the command to not swear is given regarding swearing. And so is the answer.

The Bible says: “And if thou sayest, We believe, we shall believe. And if thou sayest, We have heard, we shall be told. And if thou sayest again, We have yet to hear, we shall then be taught. And if, then, thou sayest, We hear, we shall hear. And if, then, thou sayest again, We see, we shall see. We shall even drink and eat, and be satisfied. “You are the servants of Jehovah, and shall be set under supervision from generation unto generation. And whosoever will not observe this that he has commanded, he is to be put to death” (Ezekiel 5:5).

In the Old Testament, we are forbidden to swear. We were to say, “I have but touched the leather with my finger; I know not” (Hosea 13:3). This would indicate that we do not know God the Father. Even God was required to say that he knew no man was righteous. “The words were true even to the end of the world: There was a great day of vengeance, and it was to be all done” (Isaiah 53:13–14). It may be that you have never felt the anger in your soul when God revealed to the prophet Jeremiah: “Go back, speak truth; for I am a God of truth, I will have no false speech” (Jeremiah 3:18). God is not a liar, as we might expect.

“And if Jehovah will not listen to a prophet’s words, or will not listen to the counsel of his servants, though the mouth that utters them be of God, and he giveth them the spirit which he promised upon Isaac, and he gives them the spirit that he promised to Abraham, and he giveth them the spirit that he promised to Moses. “For thus said the Lord GOD. “But unto them that believe not I will give a sign; Behold, I will send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; ye shall not hurt them; and I will guide you as rabbits among mice. “‘And after these things a great sign shall be given to the house of Israel. “And there shall be a sign in Hazeroth, even a

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