How do you design a tattoo? – Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs Simple Elephant

A lot of times a tattoo comes as a big decision, but sometimes it’s quite subtle. The design is just a part of your identity and it could be done as a bold color or a big black or pink color with gold or copper accents. It also depends on the person and where they are because there’s no one right way to tattoo!

What is your favorite tattoo artist?

I like a lot of tattoo artists. A lot of them have a lot of experience. Many of them have worked for a lot of different tattoo shops in the past, so to be able to get the same tattoo over and over again is very important. It gives you experience of the tattoo and the process in general. You’ll meet a lot of people along the way, who you’ll start to respect and know better; and I know someone who has done tattoos for all different people in her family. Even if I have a personal tattoo shop in my neighborhood, I still get some requests from tattoo shops in other parts of the world. One of the best tattoo shops I’ve ever gotten a tattoo from in America is located in Spain. The shop is called “Art Tattoo” and they have a really nice clientele. I even got a tattoo a long time ago with a Spanish person.

Favorite piece of artwork in your collection?

My favorite piece of artwork is probably a small flower that has a lot of flowers on it, with some little flowers around the edges. It’s my dad’s work, but I didn’t understand how it went from being one of his many paintings into being this small flower with these little flowers all over it. It’s a very simple work of art, but it made me very interested in him as a man and the work he did.
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What’s up next for you and Will, and what are your thoughts on the idea of traveling around the world as a graffiti artist?

It’s going to be hard work. I know that my body isn’t the most athletic of a body to use and to just walk around the country with, especially when you’re only able to draw a big block on a piece of paper in a hurry. So my only advice would be to only let what you know and you don’t know go in your head; because it might work for you when it goes wrong. In my case, I’m really enjoying how my art is connecting with people, especially young people who have been through so much, so hopefully this helps them as well. It

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