Is it a sin to eat pork? – Monarch Butterfly Tattoo Designs Modern Artwork

(In a book, not a sin.)

Why am I afraid to do anything to show that I’ve come to understand Jesus? What’s my sin if I don’t believe he comes to save me?

It is always easier to blame someone else than be responsible for your own life.

Why are so many people so angry? They are afraid God won’t protect them. It is their fear of eternal damnation that motivates them to rebel against God and take what they can get.

Does a Christian really need a good answer to that? I know Christians like to take out their anger and resentment on everyone – the Jews, the Gentiles, the unbelievers, the Christians. But when they are not in the right, how do they know that no longer?

The answer is that our anger, resentment, frustration, and hatred for God is their own fault. What they blame on God, what they do in their anger and resentment, are not their own deeds or intentions – they are our deeds and intentions.

The answer is not that they will stop their bad behavior now.

The answer is that this is just their reality. If they want to be able to look their demons in the face and to feel some measure of satisfaction and joy, they must be willing to accept some measure of reality, so that they can begin to understand God and His plans and purposes for their lives.

They have to stop saying they want to be saved. It would seem to be an easy thing to say.

What is necessary when we want to be saved is that we have to accept our reality, our reality of being human and vulnerable. They may say, “If you’re angry because your wife is cheating on you, you’re going to hell.” “If you’re mad that your mom was in the hospital, how are you going to believe in Jesus if you see no way out?”

Well, if you’re angry because you can’t have your cake and eat it too – you’re in big trouble.

When the rage, resentment, and frustration are part of God’s will, we know we are not powerless, not in the same position of having to answer for our lives, having to answer for our anger and resentment, having to answer for our frustrations.

When it comes to Jesus Christ, we know that He is a saving Savior for the world, because He saved Himself. He did not save Himself in a rational way – He was willing

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