Is it a sin to eat pork? – Small Flower Tattoo Designs For Wrist

That seems to have become the position of many in recent years, even though many are quite free to eat any other kind of meat and fish. In fact, there was this very good article in the British Medical Journal that asked, “If it is wrong to eat pork, how about eating beef?” There are two options here: You can either continue eating food that is already in your system, or you can make a conscious decision to replace meat with something that is more healthful in some way, as long as it does not make you sick in the process.

Does it matter what protein you eat?

No. But I’d say, if you’re not eating meat, you’re probably avoiding protein.

If you really have no choice, then why go through all this trouble to get started?

I didn’t. At first I wanted my friend, who is diabetic, to try it. But she said, “I can’t do it. I’m diabetic and there’s nothing more painful than getting someone else to cook for you when you can’t!” She wasn’t so thrilled when I said it was just for her. I knew I wasn’t alone. When I asked other diabetics if they’d found a way to live “vegan,” I found that almost everyone I talked to was having trouble doing it. One woman explained, “I try to eat like a human being. I can only consume animal foods, so I try to be a little more compassionate in my diet.” There are so many diabetics who do not have the opportunity or resources to follow vegan recipes, making them difficult to find, for example, and the ones we do find are often not easy to order.

Why couldn’t you just order some vegan foods at the store?

Because at the grocery store, we have hundreds of food products (mostly dairy products and meats), and a vast proportion of them are made with animal byproducts—which in turn are made largely from animal-derived sources. Because of this, any vegetarian cooking is potentially contaminated by an enormous number of animal dishes. For that reason, they’re often hard to find.

How could people possibly live “vegan,” particularly if there isn’t the opportunity to find any recipes that call for such things?

The main problem with veganism is that it’s an ethical stance. If you want to eat animals, then I’m not going to eat you for your lunch when I leave to go to work!

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