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Maybe. If it’s true that Moana and her father share a mother, that would make her half Samoan.

But the character of a Moana/Tui/Moana hybrid is extremely unlikely.

The first thing you need to know about the character of Moana is that she doesn’t look like any of the major characters from the movie. She does not look like any other South Pacific islander or Polynesian woman. She’s very dark with white hair and green eyes.

When the movie debuted, it was only a rumour. Rumours never get more ridiculous.

Moana is only a big, long blonde woman and has a lot more fun looking than the people who are currently playing her. So why the fuss?

Well, because she’s one of the only real characters that will have a direct impact on the film beyond what her Disney connection can contribute.

Disney can contribute in several ways, but the fact that Moana will be a girl and that she is a Polynesian is a very important one.

As Polynesian women and women of colour generally only have a very small and marginalised presence in other Disney films is a big deal.

A Polynesian woman would never be the only woman played by women or as a woman; the character of Moana is one that will play an important role in the rest of the movie, much like the women other Pacific Island countries are represented in a Disney film.

The fact that Polynesian women and women of colour are so rare in Disney films is something that’s often overlooked; so much so that the characters usually used are usually those that will represent the other Pacific Island countries.

I know this is harsh, but I need you to understand that, in the age that we live in, I think, all of us want our Disney Princess sisters to really represent their countries to a high level and that means, we need our own Polynesian princesses.

To that end, I will not be reviewing any of the women in the film this article is about because they are all women and you all know that a Polynesian princess should be played by Polynesian women.

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