Is Moana a Samoan? – Forearm Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men

I’m not saying, in any way, that this is actually a thing. Some people want to know, and some people want you to know.

But I can say that there were only one or two real Samoans in Hawaii. They didn’t live or work in Honolulu. The only real person living there was the legendary Moanena. Her family was the Samoans of Polynesia, and she was a real Samoan. When you read the stories, you can tell that she certainly was not an islander. She wasn’t even an islander. She was the wife of the first king of the Samoan colony of Oahu on the island of Haleakala (which is the Hawaiian term for Hawaii). She made her way up there when she was very young from Samoan royalty and landed with her father from another colony on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. When her father, King Maunaloa the First , discovered Hawai’i, he said, OK, where are we going now? Hawaii looked like it was going to be a very bad place to be an island native that didn’t even speak the same language. But Moana was going to be this really remarkable person because she knew so many Hawaiian words that are very Hawaiian. She knew the word to drink water, for instance, and how to eat bananas. These are Hawaiian words.

It doesn’t mean she’s a Samoan; she knows Hawaiian. But those of us who are familiar with Hawaiian will be able to tell you that she must have also been not an islander, at least not yet — because she is still being treated as such at the present time. And if she was a Samoan the same way she’s been treated in the past, she probably would have been an islander years ago.
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Can The Original Walt Disney Characters Be Samoan?

Of course not. These characters are all Disney characters. They’re just Disney characters made into Samoan characters. And they’re all the kind of Samoan people you might picture in your mind, or the kind of people that you might imagine living in Hawaii and in your imagination.

You can take a look at this short clip by Disney that I posted, where there are some similarities but nothing that proves the characters are based on Samoans:

There’s a lot of similarity between these characters and the people Disney imagined. But that’s really all that there is. Just the way they look. No different from anyone else

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