Is there an app to design tattoos? – Filipino Tribal Tattoo Designs

Yes, tattoo-by-tattoo is now available on the App Store.

What about the website? Aren’t you going to be breaking some copyright law?

Tattoo-by-Tattoo has been built using open-source software, meaning you will only be violating copyright law if you upload your design to the website or distribute it online.

If you upload photos onto the website (which you’re allowed to do on Instagram, where free photo albums are sold and posted), that’s fine and you should be fine by law, unless it’s on an app.

How will my tattoo be tattooed?

If your tattoo is approved and it isn’t permanent, then you’ll find it’s either permanently fixed or you’ll be able to see it in the mirror. If it is permanent, you can change it to a permanent design. And if it is permanent, you’ll be able to upload it once it’s approved.

How can I contact you?

You can check out our official FAQ for more details, or if you prefer we can send you an email.

Which apps does Tattoo-by-Tattoo support?

Tattoo-by-Tattoo supports all the popular apps:

Which tattoo design can I design with Tattoo-by-Tattoo?

Any design can be designed with tattoo-by-tattoo. For custom design work, it’s best to just use the app and send us a photo or a drawing.

Can I get a tattoo without using tattoo-by-tattoo?

I know everyone will be wondering that, but let us reassure you: no. You will not be able to tattoo yourself without having a tattoo approved by tattoo-by-tattoo. For example, if a tattoo will be on the left side of your chest or the right side of your hip. Because Tattoo-by-Tattoo takes into account the shape of the person’s leg and body at a moment in time, it will not be possible to tattoo yourself without it being seen in the mirror.

What if I have special needs like large breasts or high heels?

All designs are covered by the tattoo design by law. If you’re worried there may be an issue somewhere, or you would like to have your design covered under the law, we’ll be happy to speak with you for further assistance. Make sure to include your

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