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It is a major sin not to be like Mohammed, or to follow his teachings or his example. But even more importantly, it is a major offense to the very structure of the religion.
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There are actually about 100 of these:

The Qur’an: The whole book. There is more in there than the entire Bible, more than the entire Torah. The Hadith: the collection of the sayings of Muhammad: that is, the ones people said he said. They say they heard Mohammed say them, in which case, they are almost certainly lying. Muhammad has given a number of them, and then the Muslims have been lying about a number of them. He was an Arab with no knowledge of the Indian languages. He never met the Hindus. He never met the Jews. He never interacted with people who looked like them. His views on slavery were completely alien to them. He never knew the difference between a slave and an indentured servant. He didn’t give a damn about women — and then he got married. The Surah al-Baqarah: A long string of verses, almost 400, written over four days. A story about a prophet. A man is on fire (and is saved by Islam), and he is going to make a treaty with the Devil. (You see the difference; you just don’t want to believe it yet!) He goes out of the city and sits by the bank of the Tigris. The Devil starts pouring into the town. He is going to make the city into an ocean by melting the people with the fire, which turns them into ice, which melts the Devil. The only thing in the river is the human body, and the only thing in the river is the human heart. That’s how you get water. And in the next part, the Devil starts pouring the ocean water over the men in the river. That would be the only way to make an ocean. This is the ultimate hell: the Devil will create a paradise where people will be reborn as fish. This is a good place to die, since there’s always an opportunity to escape there again. If you want to escape, the only reason is that nobody will die from drowning there — and if you die from drowning, they don’t want you to go to hell, because that would mean you would have been damned anyway. Muhammad had no connection to India. Mohammed had no knowledge of other places in the world. The Koran is very similar to the Old Testament. In the New Testament, the

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